Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lady Luck

Nice reader submission from Erin, done by Tiffany at Planet Ink Studios in Ottawa,Ontario Canada.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chris Andersen Tattoos

Among all NBA players, Chris Andersen is the one who can proudly show off the most amazing tattoos. In this article I will try to describe this singular and often underestimated basketball player and his wonderful tattoos.

During this 2008/2009 NBA Season, Chris Andersen, also known as "The Birdman" (name he earned for his flying ability on the court and a couple of wings tattooed on his arms), has once again proved to be one of the best center in the NBA.

Nevertheless, he is still better known for his crazy hair-style and his many tattoos than for his basketball skills. Due to his tattoos and his defensive ability, Andersen has often been likened to an old NBA Star, Dennis Rodman.

Born July 7 1978 in Long Beach, California, Chris Andersen spent only a few years of his childhood in his homeland. As a teenager, he grew up in Texas, Iola, and he ended up choosing the University of Huston for his higher education. It did not take him too much time to understand he was not made to study. Therefore he tried to find an easier way to get a qualification at the little Blinn College in Brenham, where he managed to earn a diploma in just two years.

Nobody seemed to believe in his potential, as he was not picked by any team in the 1999 NBA draft. Therefore The Birdman had to start his basketball career in China with the Jiangsu Nagang.
In 2002 he finally joined a real NBA Team, the New Orleans Hornets, where he played some years with fluctuating performances.

In 2006 Chris Birdman Andersen was found positive for drugs. He got a two-year suspension for violating the league's drug policy. His career looked over. There are moments in life in which being a good player is not enough. You need to be a Man. Andersen had to prove he was not just a flying bird anymore; he needed the strength of a man to overcome the difficult moment and fly back to the rim again.

Well he proved it; he became a man and came back to the NBA in 2008 with his old team New Orleans Hornets.

Following the 2007-08 NBA season, Andersen agreed to sign a one-year contract with the Nuggets, where he is still playing. Andersen is currently second in the league in blocks per game.

During the seasons 2003-04 and 2005-06, Andersen bought thousands of dollars in tickets that were distributed among several different charities throughout the years.

But let's have a look at Chris Andersen tattoos, or at least the ones we could get a look at:

- A skull tattoo with a crown on his left biceps;
- Chains are tattooed on both his arms and his upper chest;
- Homage to his home state of Texas is inked on his right forearm;
- The words "Honky Tonk" on his stomach;
- Coloured wings are inked under both his arms; those are the wings of the only real Birdman in the NBA: An indelible sign of his flying ability and his love for tattoos. Curiosity: Andersen once admitted to crying "like a little girl" while getting his wing tattoos on both his inner biceps.
- A snow crystal on his left elbow;
- A basketball player making a Slam-Dunk on his right arm.
- Japanese signs on both his arms.

These are just a few of Chris Andersen Tattoos. Many others are visible but not clearly recognizable in many pictures online. Andersen got most of his tattoos compliments of his friend, tattoo artist John Slaughter in Denver.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hayden Panettiere Tattoos

Hayden Panettiere may have come out of nowhere but the Hero's star has certainly started to make a name for herself in Hollywood. She is actively standing up for the rights of dolphins in Japan. She has been actively protesting the government over there and she was even got into some legal trouble over there because if it. Well the Hero's star didn't stop there, Hayden is also involved with several other charities that range from children to dogs to Whales. Hayden also sells her own clothes and gives the proceeds to charity. Now with all this good that this young star has done would you even think that she had some tattoos. This just goes to show that even good charity people that care deeply about animals and children can bare tattoos and not be a terrible, horrible, evil person.

Hayden is only at the ripe age of 19 but the Hero's star has two tattoos of her own. Many people including her mother didn't even know she had even gotten her first tattoo. Hayden's first tattoo is so small it is rather hard to see, literally if you blink you miss it. Hayden has the Leo symbol right under her ankle bone on her left foot. Hayden also has another tattoo that runs down the side of her right side. No one has been able to fully see what this tattoo says but the first two words are, Vivere Memento, which is Italian for Live the moment.

So if you are thinking about getting a tattoo and want it in a place that people will probably not notice. Follow Hayden's example and get something farily small right under your ankle bone.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Joel Madden Tattoos

The lead singer of Good Charlotte and boyfriend to Nicole Richie, Joel Madden has a quite large collection if tattoos. Nearly half of his body is covered in them. Because of this Joel was recently denied access to getting on an airplane in England because they were concerned his tattoos would offend other people. Shocked and confused by this request Joel complained with the airline and put a long sleeve shirt on to cover most of his tattoos. Being discriminated against because you have tattoos should be just the same as someone being discriminated against because of their race, age, sex or religion.

Below is a list of most of Joel's tattoos:

1. On both shoulders there is an outline of a star.

2. On the inside of his right hand he has the letters "A-M-C." This stands for "American Murder Crew." It is something that he, Benji, and their group of friends from D.C. all have.

3. On his chest right above his heart, he has praying hands with "Benjamin" and with "Saved By Grace" underneath

4. On his left wrist, there is an outline of a star and "Truth" underneath it

5. On the edge of his lower right arm, he has his last name, M-A-D-D-E-N.

6. On the back of his upper right arm, there is an Irish flag.

7. On his lower right arm, is the face of Jesus.

8. On his upper left arm, there is a cross with a banner around it and 2 doves flying around it. Under that, there's a rose.

9, On his lower left arm, is the face of the virgin Mary.

10. On his right wrist, there is an outline of a star with "Hope" underneath it.

11. On his right calf, there is a dragon.

12. On his left calf, there is a heart and a shooting star.

13. Also on his lower leg sleeve he has somewhat of a Chinese symbol for "Mom"

14. On his left forearm he has Joseph (foster father of Jesus) and the word "Salvation" on the front of his wrist.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Absinthe Garden - Goth Art Exhibit

Good Day, Boys and Girls. I know its been a long time since my last update. As usual I have not been having much time to upload my works and rant about issues.

First of I would like to say, I got my Photographic Artworks displayed in an art exhibition in DXO, Singapore. Special thanks to the Lique Vanique of Singapore Dark Alternative Movement ( ) who made it possible.

It was a Goth Art Exhibit, called Absinthe Garden and speaking of which, how can I not have Absinthe before heading down to the exhibition ?!

Lovely Isn't it?

Mumzie, a latest addition to the crew, prepares the Absinthe, Ritualistically.

Hmmmm...Enjoy the moments

Loaded up on Absinthe and here we Go !!

Mumzie, Lique Vanique and Myself

....Boo !!....

Photography By Sushikin - That is why she is not in the pictures. :P

These are the 3 Photographic Artworks that was on Display for Absinthe Garden on October 16th 2009 @ DXO

© Diamond Fangs

Model : Josefine

-Order In Chaos-

© Diamond Fangs

Model : Josefine

-The Window-

© Diamond Fangs

Model : Kim

-The Fallen-

Thats all for now folks !!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Katy Perry Tattoos

When one think of the, I kissed a girl singer the last thing that comes to their mind is tattoos. This is the best thing about tattoos. People who you would never think to have one has one. This also just goes to show that the stereotype on tattoos couldn't be more wrong. It is usually those shy, good girls from next door that have a secret love for tattoos. With that being said, Katy Perry does have a tattoo of her own and it just so happens to be in a rather visible place.

Katy has a tattoo on her left wrist. Her tattoo is a text tattoo, that simply says Jesus in black ink. No word on why Katy decided to get this tattoo. But there you have it she does have one. There have also been some rumors that she has a lip tattoo on her back somewhere. However, Katy does not rule out the possibility of getting another tattoo. It seems that the hot and cold singer, has been hot and cold about getting a tattoo of Freddie Mercury on her back. Katy has once stated that she looks up the former front-man of Queen and completely idolizes him. She shared that she once almost got a huge tattoo of Freddie's face on her back, but says she decided against at the last minute. She says she is glad she didn't do it but on the flip side she still has an urge to get this tattoo on her back. So it is pretty safe to say that this pin up style singer will more than likely add to her tattoo collection one day.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Brian Austin Green Tattoos

Brian Austin Green has come a long way since his David Silver and 90210 days. Currently David is involved with the Sarah Conner Chronicles on Fox. David has had much success with this new show,which has quickly become a hit show and has quit the following. Even though Brian Austin Green has broken up with his longtime very hot girlfriend, Megan Fox there is still one thing that the two still have in common and share a love for, tattoos.

Below is a list of some of Brian Austin Green's tattoos:

1. Brian has an Aztec thunderbird design on right shoulder

2. A cross on his left shoulder

3. Under the cross on his left shoulder reads JOHN 3:16

4. A tattoo of Megan's name located somewhere on his body, which he is probably regretting right about now

5. He has his son's name Kassius tattooed on the inside of his left arm in some sort of old English writing.

6. A big dragon wrapped around his lower right forearm and his elbow.

7. Blue and white flames going up his left bicep.

Once again people take this as a lesson learned. Absolutely do not get a lover's names tattooed on you no matter what. It is literally the kiss of death. You may not break up the next day or week or even month, but some day down the line you will break up. It's like putting a cruse on your relationship not to work out. So beware of the lover's name tattoo. However, you can also take note from Brian and get your child's name tattooed on you, if you are dying to get someones name tattooed on you.

Coming Up Rosey

...and the wonderful Marilyn portrait below is followed by possibly the best ever tattooist submission, which comes from Anabi Tattoo in Poland. Again, whoah.

Some Like It Hot!

This next tattoo could be the best reader submission I've ever recieved. Veronica's wonderful Marilyn Monroe portrait was done by Stefano Alcantara of Last Rites, NY. Whoah. It puts Megan Fox's arm into context, for sure.

Ooh Arrrrrr!

This wench comes from 'landpirate, done by Jamie Davies at Tattooz Ink, Redding, Ca.

Masi Attack

Tiffany sent in this nice Mike De Masi pinup.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

Breast cancer ribbon tattoos have become a very popular way to show your support for those who have fought a cancer battle. While there are many different types of ribbons supporting many different causes, the pink ribbon is one that has taken on international significance representing breast cancer awareness.

With one in eight women and men fighting the breast cancer battle this year alone there is a good chance that you will know someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. As a tattoo enthusiast, I love seeing people who have chosen to honor and support someone with a breast cancer ribbon tattoo.

If you are thinking about getting a breast cancer tattoo for yourself that honors someone who is fighting this particular battle or someone whose has fought this battle and ultimately lost ~ then here are some tattoo tips that you will want to keep in mind.

* Choosing the Right Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Design.

Take your time choosing the perfect breast cancer tattoo. Not only do you want the tattoo to be the right one for you, but you'll want it to properly symbolize your love and support for your friend or loved one. Looking through online designs is a good place to start. Having a stencil in hand of your chosen artwork when you go to your favorite tattoo artist can also save you some time and money.

* Location, Location, Location

Just as in real estate, the location of your tattoo is important, especially with this type of tattoo. Display it in a prominent location. After all... you want the world to see this beautiful work of art that shows your love and support for those with breast cancer.

* If This is Your First Tattoo?

If this is your first tattoo then you must Think... Think... and Re-Think Before You Ink! Take your time choosing a design. Take your time choosing the right placement location.

Don't get a tattoo while under pressure from someone else. Hopefully, you will be living with this tattoo for the rest of your life so choose wisely from the start. You will want to be happy not only today but for all the tomorrows to come.

* Consultation Please!

It is a very good idea to make an appointment for a consultation with the artist. Actually, you should consult with several artists before making a final decision on just which artist will ink your tattoo. Take all your ideas, sketches and stenciled artwork with you to your appointment so together you and the artist can come up with the best custom tattoo design that is just right for you.

Getting a tattoo is somewhat of an intimate experience so you will want to be comfortable with the person who is going to be making art with you.

* Don't Shop for Price Alone!

Tattooing is an art form and great tattoos can be expensive. If you decide to go smaller in order to save money, you may regret it later. Sometimes waiting until you can afford to get the right tattoo will be worth it in the long run. Your tattoo should be unique and special to you so don't scrimp on it.

Deciding to get a breast cancer ribbon tattoo is commendable and offers a special tribute to your loved one or friend. Take your time choosing the best design and the right application location. Only then will it truly show honor and respect for those who fight the breast cancer battle.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Advantages of Back Tattoo Designs

Lower back tattoos are more common in women; however there are some men who prefer them also. The Soccer star David Beckham has a lower back tattoo if a name. Usually men do not get lower back tattoos because they are for women. Beckham's lower back tattoo of 'Brooklyn' has meaning and is not girly.

In most instances oblong shapes work best for this area, because they fit the space perfectly. Many choose to go with a design that goes across the entire lower back. However, it is also popular to go with a smaller tattoo on either side of the lower back.

The lower back is one areas of the body that is less likely to change as you age. Some people do not consider how their bodies will change as they age, but this is important to think about. You probably do not want to get a tattoo that looks great today, but scary when you turn sixty.

Another advantage of lower back tattoos is how easily they are covered. There may be some instances in which you want to keep your tattoo under wraps, and this type of tattoo is easy to hide. Just by having a shirt on will cover the entire tattoo.

Some common choices for the lower back include fairies, butterflies, and flowers or for men, words or letters.

If you are choosing a lower back tattoo as your first tattoo, you may wish to start with something small that can be added to in the future.

The upper back is also a common place for tattoos because of the large surface available. It lends itself well to very intricate and detailed designs. It is also easily expanded on. If you start with something small, there is room to expand it if you choose to do so in the future.

Upper back tattoos are found more commonly on men, although women do have them too. When choosing an upper back tattoo there are several places as well as designs to choose from. The shoulder blades are a popular place to have wings tattooed. Some like to have their guardian angel tattooed there. It is also popular for animals or creatures with wings.

Another option for the upper back is tribal tattoos. The amount of space on the upper back gives ample room for very detailed tribal designs.

There are a few things to consider when thinking about your back tattoo. The first would be placement and design. Tattoos are not necessarily forever, but the procedure to remove them is costly and time consuming. Make sure that you choose something you will be happy with.

The second thing to consider is cost. Large tattoos on the back can be very costly, so think about how much money you want to invest in your artwork.

Lastly consider how long it will take to actually get the tattoo. Many large tattoos have to be completed in more than one sitting. If you are just starting out with tattoos, you may want to have something small at first, and then add to it later on. Also there are places on the back that are more tender and painful, so having a large tattoo will mean that you will have to endure more pain for a longer period of time.