Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Project X

Hi all !!

I am in need for an Insane Web Designer, a Wicked Photographer, Female Alternative Models ( Locally or Internationally ), My Tattoo Canvases and Sinners - For a long term project which I am working on.

Web Designers, Photographers and Female Alternative Models, pls send me your portfolios. The rest, just let me know why I should ink your Rotting Carcasses - Email to - Immortal_Tattoos@mail.com

( Ladies who wanna model but can't travel to Singapore, don't worry !! Just get back to me and we will work something out )

Guys and Gals clothing lines - Join Us !!

- Latrommi Clothing -

I am also looking for anyone who wants to get Devils, Demons or anything related to Darkness tattoos, here is your chance !!

October Sacrifice 2010 !!

- I am charging $66 per session ( usual $300 ) for the first 6 people who are interested !!

So email me now - Immortal_Tattoos@mail.com


Flyer Distributors Wanted !!

$5/hr - Minimum 3 hrs. 2-3 times a week !!

Family Crest Tattoos Design on the Body

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Concepts of Gothic Tattoos Designs

Tattoo is a mark or design on a body part. There are two types of tattoos, non-permanent and permanent. Permanent or temporary tattoos not done in a design in the decorative outer layer of skin is the epidermis that lasts days to weeks. Permanent tattoos are made by injecting the indelible ink dermis layer of skin, which creates a design later. Tattoo comes from the word "Tahitian" (TATU) which means to mark something, nobody knows how it began, but claims that tattoo existed 12,000 years before Christ. In the early history tattoos found in Egypt in Egypt. Today is a tattoo done by tattoo artist.

There are various designs of tattoos is one of Gothic design of the tattoo and its purpose also varies in different cultures. The Greeks used the tattoos before in some form of communication as a sign of power and place in a community. Decorating for the body and an art form in a country like Japan used tattoos to mark criminals before.

Gothic tattoos began in late 1970, which represents a subculture that developed in both the United States and Europe. Gothic tattoo designs have different categories, which demonstrates the ideals of different cultures. Fantasies mystical conception of this design is represented by characters in literature for example elves, dragons winged characters, and fairies. Design of Religion shows that the ideals of the person's religion, this design is mostly believed in different styles, some designs have a skull and cross a flower that is near him. Another category is called the hidden, this design is often associated with witchcraft and the four elements air, fire, water and land. Witchcraft, tarot oracles pentáculo, which is the five-pointed star, this show is not bad, these are just the old religion that existed before Christianity. Today's Gothic tattoo designs are still being used before and unlike tattoos today are dyed different colors, add this to the life and beauty of the tattoo person.

Most times people misunderstood this design so dark and Christ, but against the real meaning and idea of this is to advise the opinion of such things as death, this is a natural part of life and beauty, a deviation from what is touted as the ideal. Just by looking at the Gothic design in the body of the person who fascinate, influence different design for different cultures reflect their ideals, their beliefs about things, their perception of beauty and how is its appearance life.

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