Thursday, December 24, 2009

PERMANENT by Riot Productions

PERMANENT @ Infusion
2nd Jan 2010

A union of steel and flesh, the art of ink and skin – PERMANENT will dispel the taboos surrounding the world of counter-culture in Singapore.

Join us for a New Year party like you’ve never seen before at the aptly-named Infusion, and prepare to experience a mesmerising night of art where the skin becomes the canvas. With live tattooing and piercing exhibitions and sessions from four of the foremost tattoo studios in Singapore, as well as professional skin airbrushing, Henna painting, and a mind-blowing graffiti showcase, we promise an evening that will be permanently seared into your mind.

Location: 16A Dempsey Road, Infusion
Doors Open: 9.30pm
Door Tickets: $18
Presale Tickets: $16
Each ticket entitles to 1 free drink and 1 airbrush tattoo
For Presale Tickets please contact Kenneth Sim @ 9691 0569

Participating Tattoo/Art Studios:
Immortal Tattoos
2) Primitive Art Piercing & Tattoo Studio
Visual Orgasm
4) Art Inflict
5) Attic Gothic Lolita Punk
6) Path (Body Art & Special Effects)

Event is gonna be a tattoo exhibition/new year party.
Activities going on are the following:
1) Live Tattooing from all studios
2) Live Piercing (Walk-in)
3) Airbrush
4) Henna
5) Body painting showcase
6) Body Piercing showcase
7) Graffiti showcase
8) Live spinning by DJ Nel of Riot Productions

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Celebrity Tattoos - Ed Westwick

If you are a fan of the highly popular CW hit, Gossip Girl you are probably aware that Ed Westwick has a secret love for tattoos. The Gossip Girl hottie admits that he loves tattoos and says that he foresees himself getting plenty more. However, Ed doesn't really have the normal tattoos. Ed's tattoo collection is mostly of song titles and something he saw off the wall in a public bathroom.

Below are a list of Ed's interesting tattoos:

1. He has "Heartbreak Hotel" tattooed on his chest because he is a huge Elvis fan.

2. He has "21 Grams"

3. "Love me two times" The song by the doors.

4. "I heart romance" on his forearm, which is the one that he saw in a bathroom stall and thought it was a good idea for a tattoo.

5. "You make me feel like the one" across his shoulder

Ed has several other meaningless tattoos on his body. He pretty much as the attitude that he will get anything tattooed on him and that he is pretty much game for anything. If he sees something he likes he'll get it permanently inked on him. Ed also say he is not quite done inking up his body. He admits that they are way too addictive to give up. He says, "They're addictive. Get one. You'll never look back. Live fast, die young. Be a good-looking corpse. Leave a good-looking tattoo.

Not too many people can pull off meaningless tattoos, so just be careful when picking out your tattoo design.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kobe Bryant Tattoos - Say I Am Sorry With a Tattoo

Kobe Bryant is the most popular and talented basketball player since Michael Jordan's retirement. Kobe was born in the U.S.A, however he spent his childhood in Italy, where his father played as a professional basketball player. He liked football and was a big fan of A.C. Milan.

Back in the U.S.A he started his career as a basketball player , was hired by the Los Angeles Lakers and won the NBA championship breaking several records. He is now considered to be on of the top ten players ever in the history of the NBA.

However, Kobe Bryant tattoos have nothing to do with his favourite sport. His tattoos are about his life and belief.

The story behind Kobe Bryant tattoos is quite interesting.

In summer 2003, in Eagle, Colorado, Kobe met Katelyn Faber, 19-years-old - the second most significant woman in his life.

Some times after that meeting Kobe Bryant was sued with sexual assault and arrested. He admitted the adulterous sexual encounter, but denied her raping allegation.

Nobody knows what really happened that night in Colorado, anyways they could find some kind of (economical) agreement that allowed Kobe to go on with his fantastic basketball career.

Much harder was finding an agreement with the first most significant woman in his life: his wife Vanessa. Someone talked about a 4 million dollars ring as apology for the "little incident in Colorado". What is for sure is that after the trouble in Colorado some tattoos appeared on Kobe's arm. The name Vanessa and a Crown to represent the primary importance of his wife, two angel wings and the inscription Psalm XVII to express his faith.

He also have his daughter's name Natalia Diamante tattooed on his left arm.

So remember, if you ever got caught cheating your wife, with a 4 million dollars ring and huge tattoos on your arms, you should be all right.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dita Von Teese Talks Tattoos

When one first thinks of the famous burlesque dancer, Dita Von Tesse, tattoos don't necessarily come to mind. But Dita has a little secret. She has one tattoo and it is very noticeable and out in the open. Almost no one until now knew it was a tattoo. The famous mole on her left cheek is actually not a mole at all, it is a tattoo. It seems that Dita didn't plan on getting this timeless birthmark tattooed on her face. She actually went into the tattoo parlor and asked for a star to be tattooed on her cheek instead. Thank goodness for the tattoo artist she spoke to because he talked her out of that regretful tattoo and suggested she get something a little more timeless and elegant. Thus her beauty mark, mole tattoo was born.

"You have to understand I was pretty eccentric. I was always drawing hearts and stars in that spot. I went in thinking I wanted a star there, but they wouldn't do it.

They were the voice of reason. They were so right."

Dita's beauty mark tattoo is not the only tattoo she thought about getting when she was younger. She had her heart set on getting seams tattooed on the back of her legs, to show the illusion she was wearing stockings all the time. But she came to her senses and decided against it.

"In the early nineties I almost got seams (tattooed) up the back of my legs but I'm so glad I didn't. Can you imagine how hard it would be to match up the seams with real stockings? It would have been a nightmare.

At that time I was researching everything about the forties, about how during World War II women would draw seams on. I thought, 'Wouldn't that be cool?' I had them henna tattooed on, but I never went all the way."

Monday, December 7, 2009

Celebrities Are Getting Their Tattoos Erased

Sure, tattoos can be an impulse decision-but we're all capable of getting them and even more likely to grow tired of them afterward. So what's the best choice to solve this problem? Well, celebrities are going the route of having their tattoos removed in a number of different ways. Many who can afford the expensive and painful laser tattoo removal are opting for that time consuming procedure, while others are trying natural creams or remedies to get the "toxic" ink out of their skin. More and more, we are seeing celebrities getting tattoos erased. Why is this happening?

Even in the movie world, being a celebrity isn't enough to make tattoos acceptable for certain job opportunities. A great example is the rapper 50 Cent who recently began having his tattoos erased in order to get more opportunities for film roles. That's right, a famous rapper who arguably made part of his brand and image from those same tattoos and his gangster rap music is having them removed because they're limiting HIS job opportunities. This is a great example of how tattoos can limit anyone's opportunities.

Another great example of a celebrity wanting to have their tattoos erased is the rapper Pharrell, who is having his tattoos removed to gain more opportunities. For people with obvious tattoos, celebrity or not, getting them removed by using a topical cream or laser tattoo removal (laser removal is more painful and ridiculously more expensive) is the best route to go. It can give you more opportunities, better ability to get a job offer, and can help with first impressions in social situations.

If you want to get your tattoo removed like so many celebrities are already doing, then make your move! Look into different tattoo removal creams or other remedies for lightening and removing tattoos from your skin. Tattoo removal is becoming more popular as people come to terms with the results of their tattoo, so the number of options for removal is always increasing as the market grows.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Famous Tattoos on Celebs

Today in this modern age there are many popular famous celebrity's that have taken up tattoos as a way of expression. From Axl Rose to 50 Cent, AC/DC and many others have chosen this as an art form. Looking at all of them, We see many well done tattoos that we may like to have for ourselves. Or at least to the point of artwork that may be similar. We can get some of our own ideas when we see these well designed pieces of skin art. We also have to look at the fact that many of them were obtained at a very high price.

But with a little luck we can get something unique just like they did. Remember most famous people who are in the public's eye have to have something that others do not have. In that case so should you, No matter how much you like what someone else has. It should be done in a different inconspicuous way.

If everyone had the same Tattoo, We would all be the same which isn't good.

When we look into getting tatted we should also have our own designs that will set us apart from everyone else. Take the initiative to be different, Make your designs say who you are and what you like.

Also, If this is your first Tattoo remember there may be some pain involved. But when you see the beautiful design that you took care in making. It will all be worth it in the long run. Like the old saying "No pain, No gain". The only thing that now will limit you is your own imagination.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Celebrity Kids Tattoos - Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis is not really a celebrity herself even though she has been appearing in some movies here and there. But the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis seems to have a love for tattoos. The 20 year old as at least 4 tattoos. At first glance you would never imagine that Rumer has tattoos. This is the beauty of tattoos, people you least would except to have one usually have more than one.

Here's a list of Rumer's tattoos:

1. She has a blue little bird on her right shoulder blade

2. Some sort of symbol in black ink on her right wrist

3. A little black rosary on her left ring finger

4. "Be Present" written in a fancy writing going down the left side of her rib cage.

It seems that Bruce nor Demi have not expressed any disliking to their daughters tattoo collection and it might be a good thing because there is a high possibility that young Rumer will add another tattoo to her collection one of these days. Rumer is also a great example of having multiple tattoos and not being perceived as trashy. Yes you can't appease everyone when it comes to tattoos, but tattoo placement is key when deciding to get a tattoo. After all if you were to first look at Rumer you probably wouldn't notice any of her tattoos unless you got up close to her. So if you are concerned about where to get your tattoo maybe you should consider some of the places where Rumer has hers. Please note that the tattoo on her rib cage is highly painful so think long and hard before you decide to get a tattoo there. Also if you are dead set on getting a tattoo there be prepared to only be able to take the pain of getting that tattoo for only a few minutes at a time. Don't for a minute think you are a pansy if this happens, tattoo artist are used to this, because this is a highly painful area to get tattooed.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Naughty G

Most of u might have heard of the energy drink, Naughty G. Those who haven't, do check out Http://

Female Models are Wanted for New Project (Test Pilot Project) that I am working on for Naughty G drink.

Temporary Tattoos in regards to Naughty G's theme will be drawn on the models and photoshoots will be done.

Interested Ladies, please email me @

Hopefully I can get a good response and hope you guys can help Immortal Tattoos make a breakthrough.