Friday, July 31, 2009

Hillary Duff Tattoos

In addition to beautiful and interesting that he also has a very good tattoo on his body because I was trying to take pictures of the tattoo hillary this might be inspiration for all of you...

By : Lupus

Eliza Dushku Tattoos

In today's society more and more regular people are getting tattoos everyday and the same can be said for celebrities. However it is still quite interesting that even though celebrities have tattoos and talk openly about them, when they appear in a TV commercials cover of a magazine the tattoos are suddenly no where to be seen.

Eliza Dushku, who became famous as Faith on the hit TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is staring in a new show on Fox called Dollhouse. To help promote the show Eliza appears on the cover of the latest issue of Maxim Magazine. Ironically, all of Eliza's tattoos are no where to be found on any of her pictures in the magazine. What makes it even more odd is Eliza talked openly to the magazine about her tattoos and how much she loves them.

Here's what Eliza had to say about tattoos:

"I love catching a glimpse of my tattoos when I strip down and take a shower," the actress tells Maxim in its upcoming March issue. "Kat Von D did a beautiful symbolic feather on my ribs."

She also adds that she loves for her man to have a few tattoos of his own.

"I like guys who play hard and have calluses on their hands," she tells the magazine. "Any guy who's been raised in a bubble hasn't lived enough for me. Scars and broken body parts and tattoos are hot."

It just goes to show that even men's magazine filter out what they believe to be sexy. However, when Megan Fox posed for the mag they left her tattoos in tack.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fairy Good!

I love it when I discover new UK talent! In addition to the huge backpiece below, these cartoon pinups were also done by Emma Kierzek.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adriana Lima Tattoos

Adriana Francesca Lima (born June 12, 1981) is a Brazilian model best known as a Victoria's Secret Angel since 2000 and a spokesmodel for Maybelline cosmetics from 2003 to 2009. At age 15, Lima finished first place in Ford's "Supermodel of Brazil" competition and took second place the following year in the Ford "Supermodel of the World" competition before signing with Elite Model Management in New York City.

Adriana Lima may be a beautiful Victoria’s Secret model, but she’s also not afraid to go under the needle to get some cool ink.

Adriana has a tribal tattoo design on the inside of her left ankle. I’ve always wanted a tattoo on my ankle but often wondered whether I have a high enough pain threshold! Seeing Adriana’s design has made me realise how pretty an ankle tattoo can look.

By : Lupus

Alessandra Ambrosio Tattoo

Model this one also has a tattoo that is very good in his body, whether you want to see the tattoo from his self? Please see this blog and can hold a variety of arits have the tattoo on his body...

By : Lupus

Thursday, July 23, 2009

John Mayer Tattoos

It is not a big secret that John Mayer has several tattoos of his own. At first glance you wouldn't think this clean cut romantic would have quite the tattoo collection, but he does! John has at least 8 tattoos and a huge sleeve on his left arm that covers up a some of his other tattoos. But if you look closely you can still see them.

John's tattoos include:

1. A Japanese-inspired tattoo that is on his inner left bicep.
2. The word "Home" on his left Bicep.
3. The Word "Life" on his right Bicep.
4. On his Left upper arm "SRV" which stands for Stevie Ray Vaughan, who inspired John to pick up a guitar.
5. On his right bicep a Koi fish.
6. Three squares on his forearm that he is filling in at different times.
7. The numbers 77 on the left side of his chest close to his heart. John was born in 1977.
8. An unknown possibly Japanese artwork on his left inner upper arm.
9. The sleeve on his left arm that has some Japanese artwork including symbolic peonies.

John says his first tattoo was of the Koi fish on his right bicep. Apparently, John had always wanted a tattoo and he enjoyed his experience he had in Japan while he was studying there so that inspired his first tattoo.

"Actually it is kind of a crudely drawn-I think it's a fish that doesn't exist in nature, but that's okay because it exists on my arm. It's like a Japanese style, like an Asian style fish.

I got when I was 18, I think. I studied Japanese for a couple years and lived in Japan and I could never get a tattoo when I was there because I was too young. So, when I turned eighteen I was like, "Yeah, give me a Japanese tattoo." Except I got my Japanese tattoo done authentically in Bridgeport, Conn. by a guy that just wanted more black coffee."

Megan Fox Tattoos

Megan Fox has not come out and admitted she regrets one of her tattoos, but it's pretty safe to assume she is majorly regretting that Brian tattoo she has on her pelvic area. Megan and fiance, Austin Green have officially called off their engagement and have broken up. So it is pretty safe to say Megan is asking herself, "What was I thinking?"

This is a prefect example to every young woman and man out there. Just because you have been with someone for years and are committed to each other and plan to marry, things can still go wrong. So Megan is now left with a few choices, one get her Brian tattooed removed by laser tattoo removal or have it covered up with another tattoo. While the cost of the laser tattoo removal is no concern to Megan because she has the money to do so. She may opt to cover it up. However, if she decided to cover up that tattoo with a new tattoo it will have to be twice the size if not three times the size of the her current Brain tattoo to properly cover it up.

So take this as a lesson learned to anyone out there that wants to be over romantic and get a tattoo of a lover's name. Simply do not do it. You honestly never know how things will turn out and you don't want to be left with a permanent reminded of that ill-fated relationship you want to leave in the past.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tommy Lee Tattoos

It's time for another edition of celebrity tattoo. Today I decided to do Tommy Lee, mainly because I have been watching this show called Battleground Earth that comes on the Green Channel that stars Tommy Lee and Ludacris. I think it is safe to say that we all know that Tommy Lee pretty much has half if not more than half of his body covered in tattoos.

However, I wasn't able to find a list of all the tattoos Tommy has, Tommy himself has even lost count. But I do know that he has Mayhem tattooed across his stomach, he has an ex-girlfriends lips tattooed on his neck. He has Brandon on one wrist and Dylan on another. Interesting note, he had both Brandon and Dylan write their names out and he took those to a tattoo artist and had him tattoo them on his wrist. And he has a huge tribal design covering almost all of his back. He also has two stars on each hand. This is pretty much all I know. Because the tattoo sleeves he has on his arms are pretty hard to make out. He also has several tattoos on his legs too but I'm not too sure what they are.

Tommy recently developed a clothing line called TL for PL and guess what the inspiration of his clothing line was? His Tattoos.

"I lost count a long time ago of how many I have. They're all beautiful things. I love animals, and so there is everything from koi fish to leopards. There are cherry blossoms. I love flowers. There are dragons. There is fire and water. These are things that I will always love to look at, and hopefully people will love to wear."

Chris Martin Tattoos

Well here we are another Wednesday so that means, it is time for another Celebrity Tattoo post. Today I choose to write about Chris Martin, mainly because he just made a really great comment about tattoos the other day and I thought it would be perfect for this blog

Chris says that the buzz he gets from getting tattoos is like drugs to him. Chris also admitted that he turned to tattoos because he was afraid of getting caught doing drugs by the tabloids. Here's what Chris had to say,

"Getting tattooed is brilliant. I got a few done in my 30s and it is the best ever - especially if you are married and can't take drugs because the (British newspaper) Daily Mirror might find out. I recommend getting a tattoo whether you are 70 or 12 - actually, maybe not 12, I think that might be a bit too young."

Of course I have to agree with Chris, there is nothing like the feeling you get when you get a tattoo and for some unknown reason they are addictive and I truly can see where he is coming from with the whole reference to them being like a drug to him.

Oddly, enough for Chris to be such a huge tattoo lover I looked all over the internet and could not find a single picture or any information about the tattoos that Chris has. You might have seen him on several occasions with black markings or writing in his hands but that's from a sharpie that Chris drew on himself.

So if anyone has any information about his tattoos feel free to let me know so I can add it to this post

Back That Ass Up!

HUGE back pinup from Emma Kierzek.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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Drew Barrymore Tattoos

Well it is another Wednesday so that means it is celebrity tattoo time. This week I picked Drew Barrymore because she has a collection of 6 tattoos at the moment. But Drew has admitted that if the mood strikes her she hasn't ruled out the possibility of getting another one.

Drew's tattoos consist of a bouquet of flowers on the left side of her hip. On her stomach she has a butterfly tattoo which is probably her most well known tattoo. She also have a very small black crescent moon on her big toe. On the lower part of her right leg she has a fairly large tattoo of a cross with vines surrounding it. And lastly she has two angles on her lower back. One has Drew's mother's name "Jaid" written under it and the other has an ex-boyfriend's name "James" under it.

Like most tattooed people you fall in love with your tattoos and love to talk and share them with people. Well Drew is certainly one of those people. Drew was asked in an interview what she loved most about her body and guess what she said? Her tattoos. Here's what she said:

"I love my tattoos, which are like permanent make-up. I have an angel on my hip, a butterfly under my navel, a Celtic cross on my calf and a blue moon on my toe.

I will not have any of my body parts pierced, though - that scares the hell out of me."

If you have a suggestion of a celebrity you would like me to cover then just let me know.

Anna Kournikova Tattoo

In addition to the section of former tennis athlete has a tattoo that is very good and menggemaskan if you are interested to see this tattoo of anna please enjoy ok ..

By : Lupus

Monday, July 20, 2009

Jessica Alba Tattoos

I will admit I really don't recall every seeing Jessica Alba's tattoos before and come to find out she has at least three that I could find. She has a wrist tattoo that is in the Sanskrit word "Padma" which means lotus flower. In Hinduism, it is the symbol of spiritual development. It is the symbol of the manifestation of beauty and mental purity (the ability to rise above) - for although it has its roots in the mud of ponds and lakes, it raises its flower in immaculate beauty above the surface of the water. She also has a tattoo of a daisy with a ladybug on it on the back of her neck and a bow on her lower back. I could not find a suitable picture of her neck tattoo, so you will just have to take my word that she does indeed have one back there.

I do find this rather interesting that Jessica could have these tattoos in these fairly noticeable places and practically get away without hardly any people noticing that she even has three tattoos. Which I think is genius. So if you are wanting to get a tattoo and don't want to it be too noticeable then maybe you should follow Jessica Alba's footsteps and get your tattoos in the places that she has them.

Jessica did open up about her latest tattoo which is of a ladybug and daisy on her neck. She said that her mom, aunt and her all went out and got tattoos one day as a "bonding experience." And all three of them got different ladybug tattoos.

Johnny Depp Tattoos

A good case of celebrity tattoo regret is one of Johnny Depp's tattoos. In the 90's he was engaged to actress Winona Ryder. As most people do who think love is forever, he tattooed 'Winona Forever' on his upper arm. They did not get married and he was left with this tattoo. He did however have it laser modified and now it reads 'Wino Forever'. Let this be a lesson that you need to get tattoos that you will cherish forever.

The rest of Johnny Depps tattoos are very personal. He started getting tattoos about the age of 17 and has accumulated about 14. Johnny has tattoos that represent his mother, daughter and son on his body. Who said ankle tattoos were just for women. Johnny Depp has a skull and crossbones tattoo on his ankle that reads 'death is certain'.

Johnny Depp is making a very personal and bold statement with his tattoos. For someone in the mainstream as he is and on the A-list for movies, he is taking a chance that his love of tattoos wont interfere with getting jobs. During the filming of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, his tattoos were covered up with dirt and grime.

To get unique personal tattoos like Johnny Depp's tattoos, you just have to decide what you want to express with your tattoo. Your tattoo is meant to be with you for life. You need to find something that you will cherish for life. If you make it a personal statement, your design will be something that you can talk about to others.

To get the best, high quality designs, you need to browse online tattoo galleries. Not just any galleries, you need to find a membership gallery that is dedicated to bringing the best tattoo designs. You can also look at pictures of tattoos on real people to see how they look on actual skin. A membership tattoo gallery will allow you to print off as many designs as you wish. All this for the cost of a couple designs on the traditional pay as you go websites.

Choosing a tattoo can be a hard decision. It will be with you for life so you want it to be unique and imaginative. Stop wasting time looking at website after website. Find great tattoos like Johnny Depp's tattoos by looking through thousands of the best tattoo designs all in one place.

Sinner #4

Sinner #4 - XVI -

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Penelope Cruz Tattoos

I'm going to start doing a post or two a week about celebrity tattoos. For some unknown reason the world seems to be overly obsessed with celebrities and people want to know everything about them and their tattoos are no different. Many people are curious to know what some of their favorite celebrities have tattoos of and what some of them might mean.

Well I thought I would start with Penelope Cruz. I know she is a kind of random celebrity but I read this interview with her talking about her tattoo. Or should I say the lack of talking about her tattoo. Penelope seems to be very guarded about her tattoo and will not reveal the meaning or significance behind it. Which in all honesty she has every right to feel that way. But it is a little odd because most people like to share the story behind their tats. But if she wants to keep hers private than all power to her.

Here is how the interview went,

Is it true that you have 883 tattooed on your ankle?
It is true, but I never say why.

Is it an area code?
No, and it's not a Harley-Davidson. It's not the different things that have been said.

So everyone can have a theory?
I don't think anyone cares. It's my own tattoo.

And it's your own ankle.

I guess we will never know the meaning behind the 883 on ther ankle. But until then I guess we all will just have to keep guessing or trying to come up with what it might mean. But it doesn't seem like Penelope is going to confirm it even if we do guess the right thing.

Mark McGrath Tattoos

The front man of the fun loving group Sugar Ray is no stranger to the tattoo gun. Mark has varies tattoos located all over this body. Most of his tattoos have a lot of personal meaning to him like most people. But Mark is a great example of not judging a book by its cover. Not only is Mark the front man of a rock group but he also has a degree in journalism.

Below is a list of most of Mark's tattoos.

1. Cadillac logo located on his right hip because he won't drive anything but a Cady.

2. He has the letter "M" located on Mark's left chest breast. He got this tattoo because it's the first and last initial of his name.

3. He has "Irish" written in ivy located on his Back from shoulder to shoulder. He got this tattoo for obvious reasons, he's Irish!

4. He has 3 Shamrocks located on his left hip/butt cheek. He supposedly got these tattoo for Mickey's 30oz. beers.

5. Praying hands holding rosary located on his right chest breast. He got this because he was brought up catholic.

6. The word "Rolex" along with the logo on the right side of his waist. He got this tattoo because he lost a $100 bet.

7. Sparrow birds on each of his front shoulders. He got these to celebrate the success of "Fly".

8. He has In Memory of Rose located on his right forearm. This tattoo is in memory of his good friend (Snot singer) Lynn Strait who died going to a Sugar Ray show.

9. The letters "Mc" located on his lower back above tail bone. This represents his last name McGrath.

10. The letter "S" located above Mark's belly button.Steve from Smash Mouth and Mark got drunk and then got tattoos to signify the first letter of their band name.

11. "Lola" w/paw located on his right forearm. He got this tat to remind him of his puppy he missed while he was on the road.

12. Blue Rose located on his left fore arm. In memory to his grandmother Ma Mere.

13. Blue Star located on his left elbow, which he got while he was in Texas.

14. A spider web around the blue star on his left elbow.

15. A shamrock on his right elbow.

16. A shamrock on his right wrist.

17. Some Asian symbols on his left wrist.

Fearne Cotton Tattoos

Fearne Cotton

ART decorate the body with tattoos are not the property of the adam, but women also began to drape the body like the pictures interesting. Experience also overwrite Fearne Cotton.

Berparas beautiful television presenter has been addicted to tattoos on the body. No wonder if Cotton so happy when the process of tattoo. Only, one problem is that he cemaskan career akan overcast because this tattoo decorations.

Cotton said, "If only I did not appear on television, I will make a tattoo in every part of my body. I like the shape, the process, everything about tattoos. In fact, during this tattoo, I also do not fainted, because I have gained something. Now I already get more than 11 tattoo images in my body, but not everything is known by my mother, "the story of the Cotton Britain's glamor magazine, as quoted Femalefirst, on Monday (7/7/2008).

To Britain's Glamours, Cotton also said, making himself when this tattoo is in the United States, recently.

"I get a new tattoo when I was in Los Angeles. I made this tattoo on the bottom of my buttocks. I also like Amy Winehouse tattoo, but I also can not make it on my arm. I do not want young children to see me have tattoo when I hold them, "presenter tukas aged 26 this year.

By : Lupus