Sunday, January 10, 2010

Megan Fox's Tattoos - Glamorization and Regret

Megan Fox has glamorized tattoos the past few years and as a result indirectly endorsed body art. The impact on young people is always greater when a celebrity does something. Megan Fox's fans go to great lengths to mimic her every move, including her tattoos.

It's the same case with other celebrities and tattoo parlors will attest to an influx of new tattoos that are attributed to such stars as Angelina Jolie. It would be wrong to condemn tattoos. But it is equally wrong to look the other way when kids get tattoos because their favorite stars have them on the skin.

Megan Fox's Marilyn Monroe tattoo is a perfect example. Ms. Fox got that particular tattoo because Marilyn Monroe is her idol. Her fans on the other hand naively get the same tattoo because she has it on her arm.

There is something wrong with such motivation and approach. If someone feels strongly about something then they should go ahead and do it. This isn't always the case with young minds. They act in haste and will blindly do something because their favorite celebrity or athlete does it.

Fortunately Megan Fox has finally and publicly spoken against tattoos. While she maintains her love for tattoos she has however infused such words as "regret" when talking about them.

Hopefully other stars will follow suit and also caution about the possibility of regret when it comes to tattooing the body. Doing so will help young people comprehend that celebrities are prone to fault and regret. It might also help them understand that doing what their favorite star does might result in great regret one day.

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