Sunday, January 9, 2011

Models wanted for Alt. Website

Hi Ladies

Ever wanted to be featured in Alternative Websites be paid for it? Well this is your chance !!

Currently I am building a website, which I plan to launch on Halloween 2011.... not up yet) which includes my works of Tattoos, Digital Work, Sketches, My Absinthe Diary ( Rants ) and of cuz, YOU !! (If you are good enough that is)

I am all over the country now and I don't have the time to shoot each one of you individually. So, why not send in a set of your pictures (75 or more pics) a set.

Pictures must be unedited,no watermark,or copyrights. It must be showing your tattoos, piercings or any other body mods that you have, and of cuz with your face.

Full nudity is not a must, BUT preferred.

The girls chosen to be featured on my site, will be paid SG$150-SG$200 (0.02cents difference from US$) for the set. So I hope you ladies have PAYPAL for faster payment to you !

The pictures will then be digitally worked on and made into an Artwork just like how my previous works are on the portfolio. Its been awhile since I updated my

For those who are not chosen, I am sorry, but I will send you a Digitally worked Picture (Artwork) of you as a token of appreciation. And I PROMISE, you will get it but it might take a while as at least 2-3hrs are spent on each pic...

There is NO CONTRACT on this project, but only an agreement where the CHOSEN MODELS cannot re-use or reproduce the set that was sent to me and also a statement that I hold all rights to pictures that was "sold" to me.

So how it works?

Basically, send in least 8 pictures of yourself with the above stated criterias. Yes, 8 first, not 75, unless I contact you n would like to see more. If you are CHOSEN, only then you send in the rest. Fair?

Cuz I know there are tons of scammers about asking ladies to send in tons of pictures n selling it off elsewhere and also "ladies" sending in fake pictures from elsewhere and make money for themselves. BIG NO-NO!

Email the your particulars and pictures to

Name: Age: Email: Vital Stats: Country/City: D.O.B: Phone: Address: Facebook/Myspace :

and least 50 words on why u should be chosen.

Easy? I make it even easier... Pictures need not be PROFESIONALLY taken. Self Shots would do too, even though I would prefer Professional shots, but hey, don't worry. If you look good either way, who cares?

You ladies can check out my temporary blog at or get me on Facebook:

Take care !! Hope to make some business with you ladies :)

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