Monday, May 16, 2011

Bali Tattoos Design

Besides enjoying the beauty of nature and culture, tourists visiting Bali Ubud is also the time to get a tattoo. One of the tattoo artists of the most visited is the tattoo artist Putu Nuarsa aka Lion.

Lion tattoo studio is located at Hanuman Road, Ubud. Every day, the tattoo studio is always visited by people who would get a tattoo, both local residents of Bali to foreign tourists.

â € œSaya began to open a tattoo studio since 1985. At first only a simple studio with standard equipment that is simple, â €? Liong said recently.

Over time, more and more studios tattoo Lion tattoo lovers visited by foreign tourists in particular who was on vacation in Ubud.

â € Oedi Here I provide hundreds of sample images from motives Maori tattoos, Japanese motifs, to the Balinese motifs, â €? he explained.

According Liong, tourists who come to the tattoo studio over many chose Balinese motifs such as the carved or Patra Bali Barong until the image.

â € œAda consider tattoo motif Bali tourists as souvenirs while on vacation to Bali. They were willing to pay thousands of dollars for the tattooed, â €? Liong said.

For the sake of customer satisfaction, Liong always maintain the artistic quality of the image and apply a high standard of cleanliness.

In addition to wearing gloves when working on the tattoo, Liong always sterilize tattoo equipment and use new needles.

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