Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tommy Lee Tattoos

It's time for another edition of celebrity tattoo. Today I decided to do Tommy Lee, mainly because I have been watching this show called Battleground Earth that comes on the Green Channel that stars Tommy Lee and Ludacris. I think it is safe to say that we all know that Tommy Lee pretty much has half if not more than half of his body covered in tattoos.

However, I wasn't able to find a list of all the tattoos Tommy has, Tommy himself has even lost count. But I do know that he has Mayhem tattooed across his stomach, he has an ex-girlfriends lips tattooed on his neck. He has Brandon on one wrist and Dylan on another. Interesting note, he had both Brandon and Dylan write their names out and he took those to a tattoo artist and had him tattoo them on his wrist. And he has a huge tribal design covering almost all of his back. He also has two stars on each hand. This is pretty much all I know. Because the tattoo sleeves he has on his arms are pretty hard to make out. He also has several tattoos on his legs too but I'm not too sure what they are.

Tommy recently developed a clothing line called TL for PL and guess what the inspiration of his clothing line was? His Tattoos.

"I lost count a long time ago of how many I have. They're all beautiful things. I love animals, and so there is everything from koi fish to leopards. There are cherry blossoms. I love flowers. There are dragons. There is fire and water. These are things that I will always love to look at, and hopefully people will love to wear."

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