Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Daring to Have Tribal Dragon Tattoos

No one would ever dare to explain why a Dragon, a legendary creature, has created a huge impact in the lives of people today. Is it because people have heard a lot of stories about it, which makes it real? Or is it because the stories that were told since long time ago have been embodied by the people, made these affect their lives and daily living?

The answer may be vague, but the again, dragons, although mythical creatures, have existed in the minds of every person, and will continue to play in the imagination of the future generations.

A legendary creature made into symbols

Since no one would ever dare to prove the existence of dragons, people since the ancient times have created an image to portray how the legendary creature looks like. Based on stories passed from one generation to the other that would often describe the physical attributes of the creature, people saw the real image of a dragon.

They made sketches, and formed sculptures of a huge animal. The size would often be described similarly, but other attributes are different. Chinese dragons are longer, swims on air, and would often symbolize kindness and goodwill. On the other hand, Japanese dragons do not have wings, love the water, and have three claws.

Dragons from Europe are usually depicted of having three heads, aggressive, and burns villages. There are other illustrations of dragons, depending on a certain culture. In general, there are cultures that would portray their dragon as virtuous, but there are also cultures that would label dragons as ghastly elements.

Dragon symbols made into body art

After several pictures of dragons sprouted out, people used the symbolism for themselves. In the form of tribal dragon tattoos, people from different cultures have radiated their might to their enemies. In fact, several tribes would often paint their bodies with a dragon design before going to war. This is to show to their enemies that they are tough and fearless.

But tribal dragon tattoos do not usually mean the same thing. There are also cultures that would place these on their bodies as a sign of good luck, good health, and good fortune. These are commonly seen on Chinese cultures. Aside from body art, Chinese dragons are also a usual subject on paintings, pottery and embroidery.

However, there are cultures that used creature as a symbol of their deviancy to their religion. For instance, those who are against the Christian religion, would place dragon symbols around themselves and worship this mythical creature. They would often attack the church of Christ with this symbol, since it was mentioned in the bible that dragons are creatures from the underworld.

Dragon Tattoos today

A lot of people love tribal dragon tattoos, not only because of the unique design, but because of their legendary significance and symbolism. Tattoo artists have also crafted the design to make it more modern and attractive. Some would combine colors of red, yellow, and green to make the tattoo radiant and eye-catching.

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